Iran Rescues Oil Tankers’ Crew, Transfers Them to Jask Island

The two oil tankers, the Front Altair carrying the flag of Marshal Islands and the Panama-flagged Kokuka Courageous, caught fire for unknown reasons on Thursday morning some 40 kilometres south of Iran’s Jask Island.

Shortly after the incident, the Iranian rescue vessel NAJI approached them and managed to rescue the crew members and transfer them to Jask.

An informed source at the Iranian Armed Forces said after receiving call for emergency help from crew members of incident-hit vessels in Sea of Oman, several boats and choppers of Iranian Navy were dispatched to the scene along with rescue forces, and transferred some of the crew to Jask Port.

Two Supertankers Carrying Crude Oil Targeted in Sea of Oman

An Iranian official declared the Front Altair oil tanker, moving Ethanol from Qatar to Taiwan, caught fire at 8:05 local time, 25miles from Iran’s Jask Port. The second Panama-flagged tanker Kokuka Corageous, moving Methanol from Saudi Arabia to Singapore, caught fire at 9:50, 30miles from Jask

The crew of the Frontline vessel has been brought to shore by the Iranian navy, sources tell ShippingWatch.

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