Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I view stats for my short links?
    Just add a plus "+" (plus sign) to the end of your short urls to view complete access stats information about your shortened url.
    E.g.: https://sflc.cm/test+
    Is the short url case sensitive?
    Yes, all short url are case sensitive. So if your short url is "sflc.cm/test" (lower case), then "sflc.cm/TEST" (upper case) will not work or will lead to a distinct site since our shortener engine uses lower and upper cases to identify distinct addresses.
    Do short URLs expire?
    No, short URLs don't expire, they will remain online. Currently, it's not possible to set an expiration date for a shortened link, but if your login (user account) is associated to your short link, you will be able to delete any short link you want through your dashboard. Pro accounts can also edit links.
    How is the redirection made?
    We have a database that associates a long url with a short url. When a user tries to access the short url, the browser will instantly redirect to the original page (long url). We use a "301 redirect" code, that is better than "302 redirect" for url shorteners. 301 means that the redirection is permanent and it passes link juice (for better search engine ranking).
    Do you support mass short urls?
    Yes, up to 10 URLs can be shortened at the same time, however, you need to register first. Also, geotargeting, aliases and password protections are not automatic and cannot be set at the time of the mass shortening. You can set those manually, per URL, from your account after..
    Is it possible to create a custom alias?
    Yes, just click on the advanced button and set this option. Aliases cannot exceed 20 characters.
    How can I manage the links that I create?
    You can change link descriptions, change stats privacy, change link destination (pro) and delete short links that you've created. You must be logged in to access the dashboard.
    How much does it cost?
    This is a free service and we also have a pro plan with more advanced options. Register for free and check out our upgrade page for more information.
    Where can I find the "QR Code" of a short link?
    All links have a corresponding qr code image. The qr image will be displayed when you shorten a URL, as well, you can view the qr image in URL editing pages, and there is a link to your qr code within your URL stats pages.
    Can the stats be private?
    You can choose to set the stats as "private" (only you will be able to view) if you are logged in when you create the short link. Just click "Private Stats" or "Public Stats" within the dashboard (only available to logged in users).
    How do I preview shortened URLs?
    You can find out what the destination address (expand a short link) and view where the link will redirect to without going to the final destination, it's listed directly under the URL title in your dashboard. Also, free accounts use the splash method and visitors will see a screenshot of the final destination, alongside the destiantions detected title and meta description. Pro accounts bypass this splash and are able to create direct links.
    How to use the API?
    Our API is available for everyone. See our API page for usage instructions. You'll also need an API key which is available only to registered users within their settings page. Your api key is private, treat it like a password. If you feel that your api key was compromised, please submit a help ticket and we'll issue you a new one.
    How can I find out where my visitors are from?
    When a user opens a short link, our server detects the user's location. Keep in mind that this is not foolproof and sometimes our system is unable to detect a visitors true location. This could happen due to the use of VPN services etc...
    Can I create custom splash pages?
    Click on splash pages within your account and follow the instructions. Custom splash pages support avatars, banners, links and custom messages, however, this is only available to pro users. Each account is limited to 10 custom splash pages, and each splash must contain an avatar and a banner. Follow the instructions on the splash page builder.
    Can I geo-target and send visitors from different countries to different URLs?
    Yes, when shortening, just click on the advanced button and set the destination URL based on the country. Keep in mind that sometimes we cannot detect where a user is visiting from and they will be redirected to the main URL automatically. There is no foolproof method to detect a visitors' location 100% of the time.
    Can I password protect my links?
    Definetly, just set it within the advanced option when you shorten your URL. You may change the password at any time with the edit option in the dashboard, per link.
    Is this service encrypted and secure?
    Yes, we do not store any IPs or identifying information on users and visitors. We only keep minimal metadata to ensure that geotargeting URLs work. Also, our entire site and databases are all encrypted and running on https at all times. We do not keep any logs, ever.
    Do you share or publish my short URLs anywhere?
    Never, we do not publish or share your URLs anywhere. All your short URLs are private, and it's your choice to share them or not. You may use your account as a private link manager. Any URLs shortened while you are not logged in are viewable directly from our homepage, however, there is no need to panic as they are only viewable by your IP address. So you may shorten a link without logging in and then viewing directly from our homepage, securely, from another device within your WIFI network.